Congratulations Sunshine Coast Retirees – you’ve chosen well!

A recent survey in the Courier-Mail advised that the Sunshine Coast was rated overall as the most desirable place in Queensland for over 65s to live.

Of course, there are many different models of living accommodation – owner occupied house or units, Retirement Villages, and Manufactured Home Parks (known as Over 50s Resorts).

Do you wish to live in a vibrant community with lots of social activities and interaction? A Retirement Village model may be the best option for you.

Do you prefer to own your home? Then a Manufactured Home Park may be the preferred choice.

Within the different options, and from Operator to Operator there are great variety in Contracts, rights, and entitlements.  It is essential that people understand what they are signing up to, so they make informed choices.

Sunshine Coast Elder Law have for a number of years been helping retirees to move to this beautiful part of Queensland and to more into their desired Retirement Village accommodation option.

We are experts in Retirement Village and Manufactured Home Park Contracts.

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